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Covid-19 Measures | Up to date

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Update 18-01-2022: 

In 2022 we return to the mountains with four events. It is going to be bigger, better and crazier! We are preparing great programs at each event. Our successful formula remains the same.

Covid-19 measures will be followed in each location. This blog will keep you informed of the measures in force in Austria and Italy. This in order to remove some uncertainties and to allow us to offer you unforgettable memories this year. Right now, travel advice for both countries is yellow.


Currently, the 2G+ rule applies with a strict mouth mask obligation. This means that you can travel into the country when you are cured or vaccinated. And you can show an international proof of this, for example the Corona Check app (source: Skiinformatie.nl, 14 January 2022). You must also have a negative test result which is maximal 48 hours old, since December 20 to be allowed to enter Austria. Recently cured? Then you should show your medical proof, printed and signed by your doctor (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14 2022).

Since December 25, the rules are stricter for The Netherlands. You must have a booster and a negative PCR-test when you travel too Austria (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14 2022).

Fortunately, Austria is gradually opening up from 13 December. Everyone who meets the measures can enjoy the super snow that is already there and is still falling. The accommodations and restaurants will also be open with step-by-step measures. The Austrian government is doing everything it can to make this winter possible.

In September, the government drew up a three-phase plan, and because the numbers of infections were increasing again, two other phases have been added, and the 5-step plan applies. The current status has become phase 3, 4 and 5. This means that a test of any kind is no longer permitted as an admission ticket. (source: Snowplaza, November 6 2021).

If you are not cured or vaccinated, you are not entitled to get a ski pass. You must show a ''green'' corona status when buying a ski pass. This applies to everyone from the age of 12.

There are extra rules for everyone for the drag lifts, chairlifts and gondolas. The rules are described at the entrance. Social distancing is not mandatory, but 2 meters to others is recommended. Also, wearing an FFP2 face mask is mandatory in all closed spaces, such as gondolas and closed chairlifts (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14, 2022). However, there is no capacity limitation, so the lifts can be 100% filled up.

Since January 11, you must wear a FFP2-facemask where you are not able to keep distant (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14 2022).

Exceptions to the 2G rule apply to supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores and petrol stations. There, the FFP2 face mask remains mandatory (source: Skiinformatie.nl, December 13, 2021).

Reception for hotels and accommodations is possible, provided they can enforce the 2G rule. Precautions are in place, and an FFP2 face mask requirement in common areas (source: Skiinformatie.nl, December 13, 2021).

Catering establishments are open, such as mountain huts, piste restaurants and restaurants in the village. However, only accessible with the 2G rule, so vaccinated or cured. There is also a registration obligation and FFP2 face masks obligation if you are not seated. Catering closes at 23.00, standing catering is prohibited, just like sitting at the bar (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14 2022).

Après-ski is closed as well as night horeca. For now, this is not possible during the winter season 2021/202 (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 14 2022).

Conditions 2G-rules

Vaccinated (different options):

Two full vaccinations with an EU approved vaccine. There should be at least 14 days between the two vaccinations. This proof is valid from the day of the second vaccination up to a maximum of 360 days. Please note that this number has changed to a maximum of 270 days on 6 December 2021.

You have had one vaccination with an EU-approved vaccine where only one dose is sufficient (Janssen/Johnson&Johnson). This proof is valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a maximum of 270 days. Note: have you been vaccinated with one dose of Janssen? This proof will lose its validity on 3 January 2022. In order to maintain a valid vaccination certificate, a second dose is required with a minimum of 14 days between the first and second jabs.

You have at least 21 days before these rules apply to everyone from the age of 12, as long as the rules associated with Stufe 4 are in force (source: Skiinformatie.nl, 9 November 2021).

You have received the third vaccination dose. This proof is valid from that day up to a maximum of 270 days (source: Skiinformatie.nl, 13 December 2021).

Fully recovered:

Valid from the 11th day after infection for up to 180 days. This statement is based on a medical certificate that says that you have been officially infected with corona (proof of positive PCR test) (source: Skiinformatie.nl, 13 December 2021).


From January 10, everyone must show a negative test if they want to enter Italy. This is the same for vaccinated and cured winter sports enthusiasts. To use ski lifts you need a Super Green Pass with which you can prove that you have been vaccinated, cured or tested from the age of 12. You can prove this through the Corona Check app. (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 10, 2022).

To buy your ski pass, it is advised to purchase it online. This is to prevent the crowds at the cash registers. There are special routes to guarantee a distance of 1 meter, by means of walking routes (source: Skiinformatie.nl, 15 December 2021). And the capacity for closed ski lifts is 80% and for all other lifts 100%. Wearing an FFP2 face mask is obligatory and the windows must remain open (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 10 2022).

From 6 December to 31 March, the Super Green Pass, or the 2G rule, applies. Until then, you must prove whether you have been vaccinated or cured. The rules therefore depend on the color code of the area. You have white, yellow, orange and red. Red indicates the serious situation and then you as a tourist have no access, orange the 2G rule and white and yellow the 3G rule (source: Skiinformatie.nl, December 15, 2021).

Since January 10, you have been vaccinated or cured for acces to sport schools, restaurants, bars and nightclubs (source: Skiinformatie.nl, January 10 2022). The catering locations currently have these rules. You are obliged to keep a distance of 1 meter and there is plexiglass between the tables. When you move around, a mouth mask is mandatory. And taking a seat inside is showing a valid corona proof. The 2G rule applies everywhere here (source: Snowplaza, 15 December 2021).

For après-ski it is not yet known. The same is now also used there as catering establishments. That means 75% outside and 50% inside with Green Pass and face masks (remaining seated) (source: Snowplaza, 15 December 2021).

Accommodations in Italy are open. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in the common areas and disinfecting hands upon entry. The rules differ per region, and this depends on the color of the area. If you want to eat in the restaurant, the 3G rule is sufficient and not 2G, as in other restaurants (source: Snowplaza, 15 December 2021).

Conditions 2G-rules

Vaccinated (different options):

With an EU approved vaccine, valid from 14 days after the second vaccination. Please note: this was shortened to 6 months of 1 February.

The first jab in the case of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen. Please note: this was shortened to 6 months of 1 February.

Fully recovered:

Valid from the 11th day after infection for up to 180 days. This statement is based on a medical certificate that says that you have been officially infected with corona (proof of positive PCR test) (source: Snowplaza, 15 December 2021). Please note: this was shortened to 6 months of 1 February.

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