Dutchweekend Saalbach; A fab way to ski, party and have a blast amongst friends

Just got back from a couple of great days in Saalbach and I’m still thrilled about this positive vibe I’ve experienced over there. Almost 10 years ago I was in Saalbach for the first time, but this time it turned out to be totally different! I had already heard a lot about it. The event was created by the ‘fab 4’ – Wim, Fabian, Anouk & Laura – and rolled out by the professional and dedicated Dutchweek crew. My expectations were high and I was prepared for everything….

Calm before the Dutchweekend storm…

We arrived one day before the event. To start of easy and check out the village, before it would be swamped by enthusiastic Dutchweek skiers and party people…1  2

Burst of energy

The next day – once the bands, DJs and MCs arrived and started playing their tunes –  it went sky high and a burst of energy hit the village and the Dutchweek spots on the slopes.

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Let the pictures do the talking

You guys know that I’m not a die hard skier. I love to hit the slopes, but I gladly grab every occasion to stop for a chat, drink or tasty bite. And to me, a day on the slopes definitely needs to end with dancing and singing to the best tunes. The wonderfulPanorama Alm halfway on the slope, was definitely the place to be for me. A stunning, traditional mountain cabin, great kitchen, lovely wines, typical Austrian Gemütlichkeit, eye candy views over the mountains and these funky musicians from Alive! who played their hearts out. This was definitely Ludwigs’ Dutchweekend Basecamp! because I enjoyed every single minute up here. The best way to share the Dutchweek Saalbach vibe on the Alm, is by showing you lots of pictures of it. Well…here we go!

Basecamp Panorama Alm


Friendship is the magic word

True friendship is priceless and definitely the best thing that can happen to you. Agree? Frankly I think this is thé thing that Dutchweekend is all about. They provide all the ingredients to strengthen friendships. Spending time with friends and/or make new ones. Being there together with them to ski, party, drink, dance and laugh is one of the most wonderful things in life. This shared memory creates a bond of endless, profound friendship. Is there anything more beautiful than that?


To ski or not to ski…?

Panorama Alm is located halfway on the slopes. At the end of a fun day you still need to ski down. Normally it’s not that big of a deal, but after a couple of drinks it can be tricky… It was therefore such a pleasant surprise for the snow scooter to show up, to take us back to the village. Couldn’t wait to get in and experience this ride. Sorry for the shakey quality of the video, my hands almost fell off while recording it…cold, so cold….

Expectations were high and I was prepared for everything…but I didn’t know that is was going to be this good. The music, staff, vibe, service it was all spot on and beyond my expectations. You can feel that the ‘fab 4’ and their team are really passionate about making their guests happy in the snow. I like to compare it to the Holland Heineken House effect at the Olympics. Everybody wants to get in and be part of thé Dutch party. No matter where you’re from or what you do. Dancing, drinking, laughing and having a great time amongst friends is universal and the Dutch simply have that Fingerspitzengefühl on how to throw the best party. Thank you Dutchweek for having me around!

Leonie van den Elzen
Bron: http://www.ludwigs.nl/

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Christ Clijsen & Stephan Versluis


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