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Austria | Zell am See - Kaprun
Austria | Zell am See - Kaprun
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What can you expect this summer?

Time for adventures

Time for adventures in the mountains!

Dutchweek Outdoor stands for sport and relaxation. Adventurous outdoor events which are organised with a lot of passion. Effort in a relaxed way, re-charging and taking a moment to get together with friends, quality time. All this in a beautiful outdoor environment surrounded by the nature that the mountains have to offer, in combination with the solid ingredients that Dutchweek as an organisation stands for. Quality, accessibility and friendliness. Creating unforgettable experiences for visitors with a programme in which sports, relaxation and party is well tuned to each other.

Each Dutchweek Outdoor Event has its own face, whether you go e-motocrossing in Zell am See - Kaprun, downhilling in Saalbach or participate in a game at a beautiful location, everything is possible. Who are you going to adventure with in the fresh mountains? Dutchweek Outdoor is great fun with friends, with your work or your company and of course as an individual, Dutchweek Outdoor is all about making memories together.

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Dutchweek Outdoor

Dutchweek Outdoor

International vibes and a focus on a healthy lifestyle, which makes the entire area breathe Dutchweek. Outside, in the fresh mountain air, wonderfully active with lots of fun!
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Dutchweek Winter

Dutchweek Winter

Snow, slopes, tobogganing, snow biking, slalom competitions, good food and drinks, beautiful party locations with international music and entertainment, that's Dutchweek Winter!
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