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Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See - Kaprun

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Dutchweek Zell am See – Kaprun

In the summer of 2024 we will go on an adventure in the mountains. The first edition of Dutchweek Outdoor will be held in the beautiful area of Zell am See-Kaprun. It will be an adventurous short break. We are currently busy with putting together a cool program that you can attend every day. For this event, we are offering you our special Adventure Packs!

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Everything you want to know about Zell am See - Kaprun.

Two villages with two different characters, the romantic Zell am See and the cozy Kaprun. Both ideal to spend your active short break. Enjoy yourself on the lake or in the surrounding mountains. We offer many active options for everyone, from hiking to e-moto cross and participating in a fun beach game, everything is reflected in our program. More info and details will follow as soon as possible.

In addition to the beautiful area, both Zell am See and Kaprun offer numerous culinary options. The many mountain restaurants in Austria lovingly serve local specialties such as Kaiserschmarrn, Wienerschnitzel or Kasnocken. We know from thorough personal research that the wine and beer list also meets all requirements.

Both villages are known for a cozy atmosphere. During Dutchweek Outdoor, we are going to bring this cozy atmosphere to greater heights, as you are used to from us. 

Zell am See - Kaprun Adventure Packs!

We will provide you everyday with all kinds of fun sport- and game activities. Think of yoga, bootcamp, warm-up sessions and a lot of different fun & games. Such as a beach volleyball competition. The program will be created in a way that everybody can attend. You do not have to be a super athletic Outdoor lover ;-). More info here below! You can choose how many activities you want to do and how many days you would like to participate of course! We are offering our Adventure Packs in different sizes.

Early Bird Adventure Pack | DAY TICKET
1-day access to all activities and entertainment of Dutchweek Outdoor.

€ 25 per person

Early Bird Adventure Pack | SMALL
2-days access to all activities and entertainment of Dutchweek Outdoor.

€ 45 per person

Early Bird Adventure Pack | MEDIUM
All 4 days access to all activities and entertainment of Dutchweek Outdoor.

€ 89 per person

Early Bird Adventure Pack | LARGE
All 4 days access to all activities and entertainment of Dutchweek Outdoor.Including two extra activities: 1 hour SUP boarding at the lake of Zell am See at the South side and 1x Alpin Maisi Coaster in Kaprun.

€ 110 per person

Early Bird Adventure Pack | XTRA LARGE
All 5 days access to all activities and entertainment of Dutchweek Outdoor.
Includes four additional activities: 1 hour SUP boarding on Lake Zell am See on the South side and 1 hour canoe/kayak on Lake Zell am See on the North side, 1x Alpin Maisi Coaster in Kaprun and 1 day ski pass Kitzsteinhorn. "

€ 172,50 per person

Our tickets will be online soon.

So you can choose whether you participate in the Dutchweek Outdoor program in Zell am See-Kaprun for a single day or the full 5 days. During these days we have planned our Dutchweek activities that you can participate in. A challenging boot camp where you work yourself into a sweat or a wonderful yoga session at sunrise. You can also participate in dodgeball and fun & games. Let your fanatical self come up during the great games! The Large and Xtra Large packages are for the enthusiasts and real adventurers who want to add even more challenging and nice activities to their program.

Also in the evening we will provide a varied program and fun entertainment every day. More news about that later!

Activities and Entertainment

Dutchweek Activities:
Dutchweek Outdoor is not just there, because we organize a varied and challenging program! Every day you can participate in our planned activities with your Adventure Pack, which are normally not possible in Zell am See - Kaprun! Under the enthusiastic guidance of the cool coaches of ApenkooiGym, we will add the following four elements to your active short break, and rest assured these are all suitable for every level (and age) active ;-)!

Bootcamp: a nice one-hour workout in which you will do all kinds of exercises with your own body weight and sometimes also with the use of sports equipment. Work up a sweat and get that heart rate up.

Yoga: bring your mat, or borrow one from us, and make those muscles nice and flexible and stretched, let the stress slip away! And remember stretching and stretching muscles can also cause muscle soreness! On Saturday we have a very special edition in store for you: Sunrise Yoga*! Waking up on top of the mountain while doing Yoga! How cool is that in this amazingly beautiful environment.

Dodgeball: Dodgeball is a ball game in which players of two teams try to throw balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. Sign up and we'll put together two teams that compete with each other!

Fun & Games: You can actually imagine anything by this. It's all about having fun! Be surprised by the coaches of ApenkooiGym and they will take you into challenging games with sometimes a competitive element of course!

Kayak: Wonderful sailing with friends / family or colleagues can be done for an hour with the kayak! Enjoy the surroundings, the water and the beautiful weather. All this at your chosen time, so that you can enjoy everything and everyone to the maximum! 

Ski pass: How is this possible? Skiing in summer? At Duchtweek Outdoor you can even do that! The snow-capped ski peaks of the Kitzsteinhorn await you. An ultimate experience at 3000 meters altitude! 

Each activity will be organized 1 time a day at Haus Gabi (Badeplatz Erlberg), on the south side of the beautiful lake in Zell am See. Haus Gabi is easily accessible by car, bicycle or one of the local buses. The times of the activities are daily at 8.30am, 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm. Make sure you are there at least fifteen minutes in advance and that you have your sports suit on.

Please note that the Sunrise Yoga on Saturday is the only one scheduled at a different location and time! At Haus Gabi there is a coffee and eatery with a terrace where you can eat and drink something for a fee.

*Sunrise Yoga, only on Saturday. Make sure you are at the trassXpress lift in your yoga suit by 5.20 am and take your mat upstairs with us to enjoy the sunrise, the spectacular view and start your Saturday in the ultimate stretch! Bucket list thing is this! You can find the trassXpress lift at Schmittenstrasse 119 in Zell am See.

Dutchweek Entertainment:
As you are used to from us, there is of course no Dutchweek without DJs! We will announce who exactly will be playing and where in the coming time, so keep an eye on our facebook page and instagram!

Zell am See - Kaprun Activities

Paragliding is a real bucket list activity for your shortbreak! During this flight you will see and experience the Alps from a totally different side. From a great height you look down on the beautiful lake and its surroundings. How cool is that! The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See is one of the best locations for paragliding. After climbing to the top of the Schmitten by cable car, you can enjoy the view of the Zeller See and peaks like the Kitzsteinhorn or the Großglockner. Make sure your Sommerkarte is included in your stay so you can take the right cable car without worry.

Advanced SUP Tour for 3-4 people
During this activity you will enjoy SUPing on the water together with your friends, family or colleagues, this tour is for advanced SUPers! SUPping is a fantastic experience during which you will make a tour of approximately 12 kilometers on one of the rivers in the area of Zell am See. You will pass several nature reserves and limestone mountains. If you look closely, you will see crabs and other fish around you at Schüttdorf Nature Park! Are you looking for a refreshing and active activity? Then SUPping is definitely for you!

Go for action, adventure and fun in the e-motocross park on the Schmittenhöhe! On a KTM Freeride motorcycle with 0% emissions and 100% driving fun, you'll be ready to compete with your colleagues, friends or family! In addition, there are also new, super-light motorcycles available. So there is also plenty of riding fun for the kids. E-motocross is an absolute must for your short break! Make sure your Sommerkarte is included in your stay, so you can take the right cable car without worrying.

Segway Tour Zell am See
Riding a Segway is very easy! At over 20 km/h, you and your friends, colleagues or family will visit the best places in Zell am See-Kaprun. With a Segway, it is as if you have wheels on your feet! Forest roads and meadows are no problem for the Segway. It will take you to the most beautiful places! Do you want to experience the pleasure of driving a Segway? Book this activity in your Dutchweek account!

Rafting is really something that belongs to your unique shortbreak. With 12 km length, high waves, beautiful rapids and splashing water the Salzach river offers the perfect conditions for your vacation highlight! You will maneuver yourself and your group through the undulating and churning river under the guidance of an experienced guide. The tour takes about 4-5 hours. This allows you to start or end your day with a beautiful water adventure!

Alpin Maisi Coaster Kaprun
Curves, jumps and spectacular spins will have the adrenaline going through your whole body during this downhill ride. In a green two-seater, you race downhill at 40 km/h. The Alpine Coaster is a popular activity during a short break in the mountains and is the perfect activity for the whole family! Are you that excited? We are too! The Alpin Maisi Coaster can easily be booked in your Dutchweek account!

Disc Golf
This is by far the ideal family activity! In as few throws as possible you maneuver your frisbee past natural obstacles - such as water and trees - into the basket. Precision, accuracy and fun are required in Disc Golf. This activity can be done throughout the day, which also makes it perfect to combine with other activities in the mountains! Make sure your Sommerkarte is included in your stay, so you can take the right cable car without worry.

Summer skiing

In summer there are many ski resorts open. This also applies to the Kitzsteinhorn in Kaprun. Fresh snow 365 days a year on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier. The only place in Salzburgerland where you can ski until July, where about 20% of the slopes are open in the summer. Winter Sports enthusiasts can enjoy this ultimate opportunity for an average of 10 months. The gondolas take you through the blooming green landscape to the eternal white. This creates a unique contrast between summer and winter. And you can also go to the mountain restaurants for delicious food and drinks. And of course you don't want to miss that! Join our ride to Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See-Kaprun and make sure you can take this off your bucket list.

*For the exact end date, please check kitzsteinhorn.at. And the opening hours of the lifts depend on the weather conditions, snow and operational situations. So pay attention! (source: Kitzsteinhorn.at, 2021)

Booking an accommodation in Zell am See - Kaprun

We will be connecting more and more travel providers to book your accommodation during Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See - Kaprun. In any case, make sure that you book an accommodation that includes the Summer Card, this way you save extra costs on the spot and you are sure that you can get to all locations from the Dutchweek Outdoor program. 

At the moment you can already book your accommodation through the offer from the local tourist office. Take a look at their website for their options.

Have a look at one of these great locations to stay: Avenida Panorama Suites and Avenida Mountain Lodges Kaprun. They offer a special for Dutchweek Outdoor guests: 4=3 deal. Save some money on your stay! 

At Mountain Hotel Luis in Kaprun there is also a great deal for your active short break! Reserve 4 nights and pay only 3, so for about 65 euros p.p.p.n. (excl Adventure Packand breakfast) you are in a beautiful location in a penthouse with 8 people, for example. Mountain Hotel Luis and this deal can be booked here.

Zell am See - Kaprun Summer Card

In addition to the various day activities that we offer from Dutchweek Outdoor, there is still plenty of other things to do in the area. We therefore recommend you to book an accommodation in Zell am See-Kaprun which includes the so-called Summer Card. With this card you get a lot of free access and extra discounts to, for example, on the mountain gondolas, public transport, and many other activities. You can read more about this here: Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Karte

My Mom's & Yor Ribs

During Dutchweek Outdoor, you can enjoy delicious culinary surprises in addition to the outdoor activities. Where can you do this better in Zell am See than at the new hotspot in the center of Zell am See: My Mom's & Yor Ribs?

During Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See-Kaprun, the guests of Dutchweek get 10% discount on the entire assortment upon presentation of the wristband! Also, at My Mom's & Yor Ribs during the short break, they have a special Dutchweek Outdoor Smoothie Bowl & Dutchweek Outdoor Snack on the menu. Are you curious about the entire assortment now? We get it! Then take a look at the website of My Mom's & Yor Ribs.


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Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See - Kaprun

Dutchweek Outdoor Zell am See - Kaprun

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