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Covid-19 Measures | Up to date

In 2022 we return to the mountains with six events. It is going to be bigger, better and crazier! We are preparing great programs at each event. Our successful formula remain the same.

Natur, Covid-19 measures will be adhered to each location. This blog will keep you informed of the measures in force in Austria and Italy. This in order to remove some uncertainties and to allow us to offer you  unforgettable memories this year. Right now, travel advice for both countries is yellow.


The 2G-rule now applies in Austria. This means that you can travel if you are fully recovered or vaccinated. You must show international proof, for example by use of the Corona Check-app. Since 15 November, there is a lockdown for people who are not fully recovered or vaccinated (source:, November 12,  2021).

From 22 November, there will be a lockdown of 20 days for all people in Austria. After 10 days they will discuss if the lockdown continues till 12 December. For people who are vaccinated, the lockdown stops on 13 December (source:, 19 November 2021). This to continue the wintersport season!

The Austrian government drew up a three phases-plan in September, and now it added two others because the number of infections is increasing again. So they have devised a 5 phase-plan. Currently, the status is phase 2, 3 and 4. That means that test of any kind are no longer permitted as access. However, there will be a transitional period of four weeks during vaccination with PCR-test as proof (source: Snowplaza, November 6, 2021).

If you are not fully recovered or vaccinated, you are not allowed to buy your ski-pass. You must show your green pass when you buy your ski-pass. 

There are additional rules for everyone who uses the tow and chair-lifts and gondolas. The rules are described at the entrance. It is mandatory to wear a FFP2-face mask in gondolas and closed chair-lifts. Acces to skilifts will be 2G-rule from 15 november 2021 (source:, November 9, 2021). When you buy your ski-pass the will check. Wearing a face mask is no longer if the 2G-rule applies. And there is no capacity limitation (source:, November 15, 2021). 

For shops, markets, public transport, petrol stations and other forms of contact applies 2G-rules and FFP2-face mask. There is an exception at the supermarket: a normal face mask is allowed when you are vaccinated and there applies 3G-rules (source: Snowplaza, November 15, 2021).

Face masks are no longer mandatory and there is no maximum number of persons at tables when you go for food or drinks. However, you should provide your contact data and comply with 2G-rules. The rules for nightclubs are stricter. Only a negative PCR-test is valid or a proof for fully vaccination. In Steirmark, Niederösterreich, Tirol applies the 2G-rule (source: Snowplaza, November 6, 2021). 

Après-ski is possible during winter-season 2021/2022, only fully recovered or vaccinated people will be permitted admission (source: Snowplaza, November 6, 2021). There are no distance rules. The same for typical restaurants at the slopes and in the village (source:, November 9, 2021). 

In terms of accommodation, it is changed to 2G-rule. If you are not fully recovered or vaccinated, you have no access for being there (source: Snowplaza, November 6, 2021). 

From 1 February, a compulsory vaccination will apply to all Austrians (source:, 19 November 2021).

Conditions 2G-rules

Vaccinated (different options):

Two complete vaccinations with an EU-approved vaccine. Between both vaccinations must be at least 14 days. This certificate is valid from the day of the second vaccination to a maximum of 360 days. Please note that this number will change to a maximum of 270 days on December 6, 2021.

You have had one vaccination with an EU approved vaccine with only one dose sufficient (Janssen/Johnson&Johnson). This certificate is valid from the 22nd day following vaccination up to 270 days. Please note: Have you been vaccinated with one dose of Janssen? This certificate shall cease to be valid on 3 January 2022. To maintain a valid vaccination certificate, a second dose is required with a minimum of 14 days between the first and second prick.

You have had corona at least 21 days before the vaccination (with proof positive PCR test) and you have received one dose of an EU approved vaccine. This certificate is valid from the date of vaccination up to 360 days. Please note: This will be 270 days from December 6.

You have received the third vaccination dose. This certificate is valid from that day to a maximum of 360 days. Please note that this is also shortened to 270 days on December 6.

You've had your first dose, but not your second dose yet. In this case, a transitional period shall apply until 6 December 2021. You will comply with the 2-G rule if you present this evidence in combination with a negative PCR test that is not older than 72 hours.

Fully recovered:

Valid from the 11th day after infection up to 180 days. This statement is based on a medical certificate that says you have been officially infected with corona (proof positive PCR test).

These rules apply for everyone from 12 years of age, as long as the rules belonging to Stufe 4 (Source:, November 9, 2021). 


Italy introduce the Super Green Pass, actually 2G-rule. Proof of, full recovery or vaccination is required. You must show international proof, for example by use of the Corona Check-app. This rule enters on 6 December and at least untill 15 January 2022.  However, there are areas where the 3G-rule applies. This because of the colour. 

The rules for ski areas in 2021/2022 are for now as follows: 3G-rule for skiing, which means a Green Pass from 12 years. In order to better manage the flow of visitors you should purchase your ski-passes online, because special routes must be created to keep 1-metre distance from everyone. The capacity for ski lifts which aren’t open is 80%, for all other lifts it is 100%. And a FFP2-face mask is also mandatory here for inside and outside (source:, November 25, 2021).

Dolomiti Superski has announced that they will check the 3G-rules this winter. Every day you need to activate your skipass online with your ID and QR-code (source:, November 12, 2021).

Locations where you consume drinks and food have the following rules: They can be open inside and outside in white and yellow zones. A maximum of four people are permitted at the tables, unless you belong to the same household. You are obliged to keep 1-metre distance from each other and there are plexiglasses between the tables. A face mask is required when you are moving from your table.

It is not known yet if Après-ski will be possible. The situation is the same for food and drinks. That means that 75% in the open and 50% inside with adequate aeration with green pass and face masks (apart from when dancing). 

The accommodation is now open. Wearing a face mask and disinfecting hands is mandatory in public areas . There are various, different rules in every region.

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