Answers to frequently asked questions
  • What is Dutchweek Winter?

Dutchweek is all about Making Memories Together. During our winter events, we passionately provide a varied entertainment program with multiple music genres, stages and activities. Each Dutchweek event has its own identity. Whether you go for the delicious food of Italy, the beautiful nature of Norway or whether you opt for the bustling atmosphere in touristy Austria, it's all possible. Wherever you meet us, we provide that accessible Dutchweek atmosphere and high-quality events. Check out our YouTube channel for cool video content!

  • At which destinations is Dutchweek Winter organized?

Dutchweek Winter will be organized in 3 countries and 7 locations. Below an overview:

Austria: Zell am See-Kaprun January, Zell am See - Kaprun March, Saalbach January, Saalbach March, Gerlos March
Italy: Sauze d'Oulx, 3 Zinnen

Of course, the program may vary from year to year. Keep an eye on our website www.dutchweek.nl for current news updates.

  • What is Dutchweek Outdoor?

Dutchweek is all about Making Memories Together. During our Outdoor events we passionately provide a varied active program with multiple activities that are feasible and challenging for all levels of sports enthusiasts. Experience the mountains in the summer and enjoy all the beauty there is to offer! Each Dutchweek event has its own identity. Whether you go for the beautiful views of Zell am See - Kaprun or whether you opt for the largest bike trail in Europe in Saalbach - Hinterglemm, it's all possible. Wherever you meet us, we provide that accessible Dutchweek atmosphere and high-quality events. Check out our YouTube channel for cool video content!

  • Where can I book a trip to one of the Dutchweek events?

You can book your trip with one of our travel partners. At Summit Travel, the Dutchweek Event bracelet is included in your booking. At Sunweb, this Event strap is offered as an option. So don't forget to click this! Of course you can also book your trip through other organizations and easily book your entrance tickets or Adventure Packs via our website.

  • Do I need tickets for the Dutchweek events?

For the events that we organize in the winter sports areas you need an access bracelet. By ordering a ticket through our ticket shop, you are guaranteed access to all our events at your chosen destination. When Dutchweek starts, you can exchange your ticket for a Dutchweek event band at various locations. Order your tickets easily, safely and quickly via our Ticketshop.

  • Do I have to print the ticket for the event?

No that is not necessary. So save a tree! We can also scan tickets from your mobile phone.

  • I have bought a ticket but I have not yet received an e-mail including ticket, what should I do?

In that case, please contact support@ticketcounter.nl or in case you bought a 1 or 2 day ticket for Austria then mail to support@cmtickets.com.

  • When will the timetable (activities and artists) be online?

Our timetable and activity program will be announced a few weeks before the event. Keep an eye on our social media and website, or sign up for our newsletter and don't miss out on the latest news.

  • Where can I pick up my event bracelet?

This differs per destination, but we always communicate this clearly in advance in our latest information and on the website. We usually have a central information desk where you can exchange your tickets for your Dutchweek event wristband, but you can also often pick up your wristband directly at the various locations.

  • How can I pay during the Dutchweek events?

During Dutchweek you can pay with pin or cash. All tickets can only be bought via pin. 

  • What is the minimum age for Dutchweek Winter?

The minimum age for the Dutchweek Winter events is 18 years. 

  • Can I rent ski/snowboard equipment through you?

That depends on where you are. In Saalbach and Zell am See-Kaprun you can rent your equipment through Bründl, if you have an account with us. We do not yet have this option for the other locations. By the way, did you know that through our partner SnowWorld it is possible to take lessons before your trip to improve your skills?

  • Where can I find more information about the program at my destination?

Each destination has its own unique program. We put this together with a lot of love and passion and we try to take into account our experiences from previous years and the wishes of our visitors. You will always be the first to read the latest news about our program on our website or via our social media channels.

  • Can I reach the Dutchweek locations by train or plane?

Most Dutchweek locations can be reached by train or plane. This is of course different for each event. This is written out per location via our landing pages on the website. Always check the website of NS International and Transavia for current times!

  • I want to make a group booking, what are the options?

There are certainly possibilities for this and depending on your wishes, we are happy to think along with you. You can request a group travel via our Group travel request form on the website. For any questions about this you can always contact us via: anouk@dutchweek.nl or call +3110-3031231

  • A photo of me was taken by a photographer but I can't find it?

You can find the photos on our Facebook page after the event! If you would rather have a photo removed, you can email us at info@dutchweek.nl

  • Are all Dutchweek locations in the village or also on the slopes? Can I also get here on foot?

Some locations are on the slopes. These can often also be reached via a gondola, but sometimes only with skis or snowboard. In addition, there are also plenty of locations at the bottom of the slopes or in the village. This differs per destination.

  • I can't (any longer) go on winter sports due to unforeseen circumstances, can I cancel my Dutchweek ticket?

Unfortunately it is not possible to refund the ticket. You can list the ticket on TicketSwap or resell it to someone else.

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